The Japan-Australia Society of Sasebo was established in 1983 with support from members of the society and with cooperation from the Australian Embassy and other concerned parties. We aim to foster friendship and mutual understanding between Japan and Australia through exchange student and other diverse information exchange programs.

The relationship between Sasebo and Australia began back in 1948 as six sisters of The Good Samarian in Australia came to Nagasaki prefecture after the World War devastation. Then they were demanded to found a Catholic school in Sasebo for promoting women's education and Seiwa High School was founded in 1953.

The chorus group was organized at the Seiwa and sent to perform in Australia where the sisters originally came from, and then the exchange programs with high schools in Australia began. The waves of exchange between Sasebo and Coffs Harbour city grew within and outside of the schools and expanded at gross-root level. As the result, Sasebo and Coffs Harbour became sister cities in 1983.

Ever since, JAS-Sasebo has continued to deepen friendship between two cities by supporting exchange-student programs, the city officials and delegation visits, and promoting relationship with Australia at the local events so that Sasebo citizen.